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Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes IndiaWelcome to Shining Eyes India

Our aim related to medical work

Not to lose one patient

The charitable "St. Mary's Child and Mother Health Care Centre" provides preventive and curative medical care mainly to the Santal children from the rural area around Bolpur. Diagnostic facilities are available.  

To promote a healthy start in life

Intensive awareness sessions inside the health care centre for admitted patients and invited villagers raise awareness about nutrition, hygiene, family planning, and how to recognize sickness and the importance of prenatal checkups. Further cognitive and physical stimulation of malnourished and neurological children is one key issue.

Acting as an interface to save lifes

 Severe patients are referred to the Government hospitals and specialized health institutions. Respectively, heart surgeries for children are organized and operations for children with bone TB. They receive continuous support through Shining Eyes to fulfill needed diagnostic and treatment until recovery.  


All patients have to register at the reception. 

Anthropometric measurement

All patients are controlled for fever, further weight control, measurement of height/length and mid-upper-arm-circumference to identify malnourished individuals.

Emergency room

The emergency room consists of a phototherapy for newborns with jaundice, and an ECG. Frequently we do the dressing for burn patients, or patients suffering from ulcers. 


The health care center maintains a laboratory for diverse analysis. Furthermore, X-ray, USG, ECHO, ECG and EEG are available. 


In the laboratory blood and urine examinations or the Mantoux test are conducted. Sputum is collected and analyzed in another health department. X-ray helps to diagnose lung TB, as well as bone fractures. 

Still too many children suffer from TB. Spine and lymph node TB as well as TB meningitis are most common in children who had contact to adults with lung TB earlier in their life. Often these children miss needed preventive medicines. Therefore a tuberculosis screening and monitoring program is hosted by Shining Eyes. Children with acute TB can be diagnosed in our hospital in order to decide how and where to continue the treatment for them.  


The health care centre provides medicine free of cost for children. Allopathic and homeopathic medicines are used depending on the severity of the sickness.

Take-home food ration for TB patients

TB infected patients receive on a monthly basis some food supplements (Horlicks powder), eggs and fresh vegetables.


Mathilda administers the medicine according requirements, measures fever and controls every morning the weight of admitted children. Further she treats respiratory diseases with the inhalator.

Indoor ward


In the children ward, foremost malnourished children with infections like diarrhea, bronchitis and pneumonia are treated. Furthermore, children with neurological disorders and TB infected children receive medical care. Dressing for skin infections or burns is provided at the health care center. Also weak mothers can be admitted. Malnourished children receive 5 meals per day to catch up growth.  


Every morning admitted patients are trained in health- and nutrition-related topics by Nimanti. The training is interactive also with story telling and questioning round. 

Pumpa is doing health worker training once a week. Further she teaches invited villagers in cooking infant porridges.

Cooking trainings

Pumpa trains invited mothers from surrounding villages how to cook a balanced meal for their children including an adequate amount of vegetables. 

Preventive checkups

Pregnant women receive prenatal care to prevent birth complications. Newborn care is a matter truly dear to the heart of Shining Eyes in order to give every child the opportunity for a healthy start in their life. Here, Shining Eyes especially strives to counsel mothers to offer nutrient-dense meals to their children, starting from the 6th month of a child´s life. Also vaccination cards of children are checked.