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Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes IndiaWelcome to Shining Eyes India

staff members

Debashis Roy Chowdhuri

Health Coordinator: De

Health Coordinator:

Debashis contributes to the coordination of hospital-associated duties and challenges. He organizes patient transports and administrative works. Further he guides the laboratory of the health-care centre and is responsible for doing the X-ray. 

Satyanarayan Roy


Treasurer and Project Coordinator:

Satya is responsible for a smooth schedule of all processes in the hospital. Once a month he assists our neurologist Dr. Swapan and on a weekly basis Dr. Gahu during sonography. Moreover Satya coordinates administrative processes and designs statistical reports.

Jayanta Das


Health Coordinator:

Jayanta is responsible for all village-related processes and activities. He does awareness trainings in the villages. Every day he holds contact to  health workers in different villages or visits the villagers by himself for solving problems or developing new strategies how to improve conditions. Further he receives training in the laboratory and helps every morning in blood examinations during OPD. Moreover he is responsible for the stock keeping of the hospital kitchen and doing statistics.



Practical Nurse:

Mathilda is our practical nurse being with us right from the beginning of hospital establishment. She is responsible for the indoor ward. Every morning she controls the weight gain of all admitted children, further records eating amounts of malnourished children at meal times and administers medicine to the patients.




Dorothee assists at the reception as well as guides the anthropometric measurements during patient admission. Further she records patient statistics.

Pumpa Gosh


Social Worker:

Pumpa is keeping awareness trainings at the hospital for health workers. All the time she is in close contact with all health workers and guides their activity in the village. Altogether they seek to find needy villagers who have to receive diagnostic and treatment. Pumpa does active cooking trainings with the mothers on household level. Awareness trainings inside the village but also in the hospital are her major duty. On a weekly basis she trains health workers in nutrition and health-related aspects. Further once a week mothers and children from surrounding villages are invited for training and cooking sessions in the hospital, as well.




Hopna is our driver of the ambulance and coordinates patient transports to surrounding health facilities and hospitals in Kolkata. Further he brings hospital shoppings.

Kitchen team


Our kitchen team is composed of three people who cook every day five nutritious meals for admitted patients, and lunch for our hospital staff.

Health worker team


The health worker team is responsible for passing on learnt knowledge to the villagers. They have to apply their knowledge by identifying TB suspected villagers and bring them to hospital. Raising awareness among the villagers to recognize conditions of sickness in order to seek for help is one issue. Further they shall build trust, e.g. that villagers come more likely to the hospital if they face problems and do not go to the quack.

Nilu Murmu



Nilu is our horticulturist. He guides all village families participating in the kitchen garden program to maintain a fruitful kitchen garden for a healthy living. Further he cultivates Moringa trees and harvests the leaves whenever the season allows it, with subsequent leaf powder production. The Moringa dust is used as topping in our supplementary community nutrition programs and household-based NutriMix program enriching a wheat-dal blend. Further Moringa leaf powder is ingredient in self-baked Moringa cookies, which are distributed to children. Nilu is trained and frequently supported by the German horticulutrists Anne and Rolf Bucher. 

Further Nilu is acitvely involved in guiding patients to other health care facilities for diagnostics.


Dr. Swapan



Dr. Swapan is assisting us once a month. He is looking for neurological patients and organizes surgeries in Kolkata where he is in duty. He is richly experienced.

Dr. Mondal



Dr. Mondal is assisting us several times a week and is looking for children during OPD. Also he is in charge for the evening round for admitted patients.

Dr. Bashu


General doctor:

Dr. Bashu is kindly looking for adult patients during OPD. He is specialized on anaesthesia.

Dr. Shittaram


General doctor:

Dr. Shittaram is looking for adult patients, especially for women during OPD. He also does small surgical interventions.

Dr. Mukherjee


General doctor:

Dr. Mukherjee is general doctor and looking for children and adults during OPD.

Dr. Gahu



Dr. Gahu comes for sonographic examination of patients to the health care centre every Sunday.

Dr. Rudra



Dr. Rudra kindly assists us during OPD.

Dr. Golembiewski



Dr. Golembiewski is coming five months a year, then she coordinates all processes on site and actively contributes to the medical care of patients.


Dr. Nurul

Our pediatric cardiologist.


Dr. Swarkar

Dr. Swarkar -our dentist, joined our team in the end of 2019 and comes on a weekly basis to investigate and treat children's teeth sufferings.


Dr. Udpol

Dr. Udpol is our gynaecologist.