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Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes IndiaWelcome to Shining Eyes India

Collaborations and Visitors


NGO Bolpur Manab Jamin

The NGO Bolpur Manab Jamin has started the first nutrition programmes for malnourished children together with Dr. Monika Golembiewski in 2007 in 4 Santal villages. In the meantime a hand washing programme to improve hygiene conditions in the villages has jointly been implemented through Manab Jamin. Moreover, further community based nutrition programmes in 15 Santal villages have been implemented in 2015 and 2016, followed by an awareness programme with kitchen gardening and crop diversification in a total of 21 villages.  


Rotary Club

The Rotary Club Bolpur and several Rotary Clubs in Germany (headed by RC Wiesbaden) support the work of Shining Eyes India and share the goal to diversify diets of children through nutriton programmes and especially kitchen garden programmes. Two Rotary members from Germany visited the project in November 2015 and linked with Rotary Club Bolpur for further programme involvement. Also crop diversification and female health with family planning are of interest of the Rotary friendship group.


Ashadullapur Gramin Silpa & Sastha Bidhan Kendra

Since several years, the NGO Ashadullapur Gramin Silpa & Sastha Bidhan Kendra carries out  community based nutrition programmes for pregnant women and malnourished children in cooperation with Shining Eyes India - where three Santal villages are covered: Ringdanga, Thantbuni and Rayerpukur.  


University of Hohenheim, Germany

Hohenheim University (based at Stuttgart, Germany) supports Shining Eyes India through knowledge exchange. Its nutritionist students help designing the nutrition programmes to cover the nutrient needs of children and pregnang ladies as well as possible.


Jean Drèze

Development economist Jean Drèze came to visit “St. Mary’s Child and Mother Health Care Centre” twice and stayed during medical village checkups at Thantbuni. Together, we visited surrounding AWCs to see their valuable work for the children and pregnant ladies.


FIAT Panis Germany

Fiat Panis foundation (based in Ulm, Germany) kindly supports the work of Shining Eyes and shares the aim to improve diets and overcome child malnutrition. The foundation's interest comprises providing awareness to the villagers to enable them preparing nutritious food for their malnourished and anemic children with local means to overcome anemia.