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Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes IndiaWelcome to Shining Eyes India

Upcoming events and Reports

Moringa & Amaranthus Seminar

In April 2017 Shining Eyes India hosted an international dissemination seminar for exchange of possible approaches how to combat malnutrition. 

Please find more information in the attached report.

Preventive Village Programs


Village Nutrition Program (21 Santal villages, 2015-2017, co-operation partner: Srikanta Mondal, NGO Bolpur Manab Jamin)


In 21 Santal villages the children under 3 years got a nutrition programme to find out if malnutrition and anemia could be improved with the help of highly nutrient dense meals and micronutrient supplement. Totally, 4 groups were selected: one with cooked meals and micronutrient powder, another group with the same meals plus Moringa/Amaranth powder, again another group without micronutrient supplement in the cooked meal and one control group without meal, but with medical check up for the children. After 15 months we could find out that the haemoglobin of the Moringa/Amaranth group increased in the same way as the group receiving micronutrient sprinkle. 

Moreover, we started kitchen gardens in these 21 villages with seasonal vegetables and fruits and taught the villagers how to prepare the vegetables for their children in the daily food.


Result: with the own resources of Moringa and Amaranth plants the health condition (malnutrition and anaemia) could be improved. 


Awareness Program in 12 villages (currently 12 villages in 2017/18, another 12 Santal villages to be included in 2018/19)


After medical checkup in the villages all malnourished and all anemic children under 3 years get a kitchen garden (we provide seeds after families have prepared soil and fencing). Further, we do regular house visits to guide the mothers preparing the daily food for their children. We provide nutrimix powder (lentils/wheat/milk powder/oil/Moringa powder) and teach the mothers how to prepare it as a porridge and how to feed the child under hygienic conditions. Anemic children receive Tonoferon drops until the age of 2 years. Mainly all children from 6-12 months should get our Nutrimix porridge to avoid early malnutrition and anemia. Mother should sit in front and feed the child.


Awareness trainings in each village on:

· healthy food - anemia/ hygiene

· emergency signs of the sick child

· pregnancy, family planning

· tuberculosis