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Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes India

Welcome to Shining Eyes IndiaWelcome to Shining Eyes India

Patient stories


Pradima recovered from burning wound

Pradima, a 14 years old girl, came with burning wound on the right arm and chest to our OPD, after falling in a curry pot when the students were playing in the hostel. On daily dressing basis, she recovered totally and without scars she could be discharged from our health centre. 


Purnima suffered from spine TB and received surgery


We found Purnima in our OPD at the age of 4 suffering from spine tuberculosis. We organised the referral to a neurosurgeon in Kolkata and she got the needed operation in Ekbalpur nursing home, Kolkata.


Rohit develops nicely after shunt operation

Rohit, a 3 years old child with a hydrocephalus was admitted in our health centre. We could recognize that his motor and sensitive development was intact and his speech and brain function sufficiently for his age. After MRI which showed a hydrocephalus we referred the child to Hope Hospital for the needed ventricular shunt operation. After good recovery he could return home and continued with first writing and further development.


Sangita recovered after operation (soft tumor)

Sangita, a 2 years old child came to our OPD with a soft tumor on her backside and suffering from fever. The tumor was rapidly increasing within 2 days to a huge painful size. Anaemia and weakness increased. After diagnostics and referral to different doctors we could arrange the needed surgery in Hope Hospital in Kolkata. Afterwards the child recovered well in our Health Centre.


Borsa had a lipoma in her leg and was operated


Another child reaching our OPD in February 2018 was Borsa, 18 months old. He showed a swelling of his left leg. After X-ray we could exclude a bone tumor and referred the child to Hope Hospital Kolkata for the needed surgery and biopsy. It seems a lipoma and the child now recovers well after the operation and he will get further treatment in our Health Centre.


Somnath - many helping hands kept him walking through his life


Somnath, a six years old boy, came in our OPD in February 2018 suffering from a torticollis - characterized by a spastic neck which he could not move anymore. He was suffering from much pain and after having done diagnostics we could exclude tuberculosis as well as a rheumatic disease. Instead, we found out that, as a consequence of an earlier infection, the spinal bodies in the junction to the brain were destroyed implying a compression of the spinal cord. It was a question of time until the child would be paralysed. So we sent him to a well-known neurosurgeon in Kolkata, but he refused to do the operation as he felt it was too risky. As we had good experience in another neurosurgical hospital in Kolkata before (Institute of Neuroscience), we then brought the child to this institution and got introduced to a neurosurgeon immediately. After discussing all reports with his senior neurosurgeon he fixed an operation plan. Three days later the child got the needed operation and fixation with plate and screw. Meanwhile he recovers in our health centre at Bolpur with continuous physiotherapy and is able to run and play.


The good Samaritan

Baneshwar 25 years, fell off a coconut tree, after a girl was asking him to pick up a coconut for her. He broke his body spines and became paralyzed, the clinical treatment was coming too late to avoid the damage of the spinal cord. So he was paralyzed in the leg and also felt weakness in the arms, but still could move the arms. He came with deep ulcera in the skin on the sacral and hip area. One priest brought him to us, with the hearty wish to help him. I tried to find a hospital for his injury in order to get physiotherapy. No positive response. One doctor told there is no chance anymore. This I couldn´t accept in my heart and admitted him in our hospital, even though our facility is primarily for mothers and children. I couldn´t give him up. This is the story of the samaritan in the bible. One man who passed the way took an injured man on his donkey and brought him to a guesthouse and paid for the care of this man. So I have to be open for the needy persons and God´s will. 

When he came he was very depressed, feeling no sense anymore in his life. After giving daily dressing and physiotherapy and emphasizing him through our other patients, he got up and was sitting in a wheel chair, moving outside on some days and started to laugh and being interested about the games and laughs of the other patients. We engaged an art student to prepare earrings and necklaces and bags , so he got active and happy again with his handicapped life.

I also had to think about the healing of the paralytic at Bethesda, which is one of the miraculous healings attributed to Jesus. It is said to have taken place in Jerusalem, close to a fountain or a pool called "Bethesda“. Jesus visited Jerusalem for a Jewish feast. A man who had been paralyzed for a long time was lying next to that pool. Jesus asked the man, if he wants to be fine again. The man explains that he is unable to enter the water, because he has no one to help him in. Jesus tells him to pick up his mat and walk, the man is instantly cured and is able to walk.


Pani seeks help on her way to fight cancer

Pani came in the village asking us for help, because she suffers from vaginal bleeding and has cancer. We could bring her several times to Hope hospital Kolkata where she got all chemo-radiotherapy and recovered in a first moment and could be together with her family members. Our team member Jayanta has build up her unready house and installed bed and cooker, where husband and daughter could take care of her.



Sumitra came with fluid in the heart bag, which compressed her heart in the beating capacity. Our cardiologist removed the fluid in his specialized cardiac hospital and then detected an autoimmune-disease like sklerodermia, which makes the joint stiff and the skin hard and tight with pain and difficult to move. After getting the conservative treatment she recovered and got back her shining Eyes and laughing face.  


Arfa -we could guide her to become a beneficiary of the Shishu Shati Scheme

Arfa had from the birth a severe heart failure with Fallot disease. Oxygen saturation was always reduced and she couldn´t move freely without breathing problems. Under the treatment of Dr. Nurul she got a lifesaving surgery where she recovered quickly to a happy child.


Tuhin -rheumatic fever

Tuhin came into our hospital with high fever, swollen joints, heart failure, and was in a critical condition. Our cardiologist detected rheumatic fever and started treatment under which he recovered nicely and could walk again with enthusiasm.


Rina -toes necrosis

Rina was found by our health worker in her village with toes necrosis. The toes were dying up and much infected with pus and soil. Also her bladder became affected. After getting treatment in St. Mary she recovered nicely, could walk again, the urin function recovered and after getting shoes she could go home and join her daily active life.